Bronica Photos

This morning I stopped at West Photo to pick up the photos of Areca and Karl taken with Areca’s Bronica—they’re so lovely (both the photos and Areca and Karl)!

[Click for the Gallery]

[Click for the Gallery]

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[Click for the Gallery]

The photos I’ve taken with the Bronica have really astounded me—probably because I’m used to blurry medium-format cameras like the Holga and Diana. It’s such a great camera; I would love to have my own. Someday!

I have many, many, many more photos of Areca and Karl’s wedding day. I will be posting them online before September, I promise!

But, man, the time really has been flying.



Amy, these photos are fantastic. You really captured an awesome moment. Can’t wait to see the others you took. Judy (Karl’s mom)


Thanks, Judy — I’m aiming for tomorrow or Tuesday night to have the other photos posted!

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