Dental Surgery for the Future

Today I visited Dr. Molletti. She had been out due to having a baby, and she wanted to see how my gum graft was healing. Everyone tells me it’s beautiful. That’s good.

She also gave me a brief time line if I were to get dental implants to replace two of my baby teeth (the adult teeth are/were missing). The two teeth in question are on the edge of my smile—they would get pulled, then I would wait a few weeks to allow healing. Then she would install the implants (titanium screws, I think she said) into those spaces and we would wait half a year for those to heal. (During this time, I can either live with gaps or get falsies to maintain a normal-looking smile—but I wouldn’t be able to wear them when eating, so it’d be kind of like having a retainer again.) Then I would go back in and she would install permanent false teeth/crowns. Then I would be sufficiently normal mouth-wise and hopefully she won’t think of further surgeries for me to have.

Whether or not she recommends me having the implants done soonish or laterish depends on the panoramic x-ray she took of my teeth today. She wants to see how deep the roots of the teeth are now—if they are deep enough, then we can wait. So she’s giving me a call a little later.

On another note, in order to take the x-ray, the hygienist asked me to remove my 10 earrings. None of them have been removed since I received them. They’re between 3 to 6 years old. I was mad. I am better now, but what a pain. I decided to reinstall only 7 of the earrings… and on my way home I have to stop by the Ink Lab and ask them to help reinstall three of my beads.

Update: Implants will be laterish…

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