Speaking of sporting events, I never shared these photos!

A few weeks ago, my department at work (Marketing) had a team outing to Elsie’s in Northeast Minneapolis.

Team Awesome's Lanes

Elsie’s donated a couple pins, which we decorated to award as trophies at the end of the outing.

Bowling Trophies

Winning Team

I won the lowest score trophy by three points. Of course, the only strike I managed to bowl during three games happened in the game for which I won this trophy. Kerri, Brenda, David and I were trying different way to bowl—I got my strike when I was backwards, I put the put the ball on the floor between my feet and simply pushed it down the alley.

Lowest Score and Highest Score

I’m glad everyone witnessed my awesome strike.

This is also a great opportunity to share a favorite photo from a previous Elsie’s visit:


I ♥ Northeast.

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