Berg Family Reunion

Scott and Diane hosted the 2009 reunion of the Berg family. Diane is my dad’s cousin, so there were quite a few extended family members present—we don’t see each other very often!

Mom and Dad came up for the reunion, and prepared a lot of fruit to share (watermelon, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, and cantaloupe).


Hannie had her first meeting with one of her great grandparents, Grandma Dee.

Marleen, Hannie and Grandma Dee

Homemade Signs

Hannie met a lot of new people at the reunion, actually. (Or should that be “of course”?)

Peyton and Hannie

Peyton, Hannie and Grandma Dee

Peyton, Hannie and Grandma Dee

Sophia and Hannie

Grandma Dee, Marleen and Deb

Jamie and Hannie

The Men

Timber was the only pup at the party. He’s 12 years old, happy, and enthusiastic.


Amazing Back Yard

It is sort of rude to take photos of people (a) from above and (b) while they’re eating. I did it anyway.

Lunch Time

Diane’s nickname is Dino, but I’m not sure why. Hazel, Diane’s mom/my dad’s aunt, used to give me homemade Barbie clothes that she’d knit.

Diane and Hazel

3-Season Diners

3-Season Diners

I could only stay long enough to eat lunch and briefly chat with everyone, as I had to run off to Rock the Garden at the Walker Art Center (photos coming soon).


Hawley Angie2012

My name is Angela Hawley.But my real name is Angela Marie Berg.And i am addopted and was woundering if anyof you were related to me.Cause i have a lot of questions about my family. All i know is my moms name was Treva i dont know my dads name. I have brothers David,Bob,and two sisters Linda and Terri.I hope some one can help me please.


Sorry, Angela – I don’t think I can help you because I don’t have family members with those names (that I know of). Good luck!

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