Twins vs. Pirates

Last night, I got some tickets from my supervisor to go see the Twins play the Pirates at the Metrodome here in lovely Minneapolis. I brought my bro-in-law, Bryan, and friends Erin and Jason.

We had really awesome seats.

Carlos Gomez

Legends of the Twins

Bryan approved of our awesome, free tickets.


Jason and Erin were more than happy to join me at the game.

Jason and Erin

Then I was presented with this ballot, which I didn’t understand. I “voted” for the dudes with the best names, but then I left it in the drink holder at the Metrodome because I didn’t want to waste a stamp on it.

Voting for the Best Names

All-Star Game Ballot

Joe Mauer


Cuddyer and Ullger

I think Twins games will be more fun for me when they are held at Target Field (i.e. outdoors).

Countdown to Outdoor Baseball

I could feel the weight of every female fan’s crush on Joe Mauer, so I succumbed to peer pressure.

Joe Mauer

Pirates on the Pitchers' Mound


During the 7th or 8th inning, I started getting a little bored.

I'm at a baseball game!

Me and Erin

Jason, Bryan and Me

Hello, we’re tourists! Except we live here!

Jason, Erin, Bryan and Me

I liked the way this guy wore his socks. Don’t judge me.

Pirate Style

This evening made me want to plan a Saints game with friends later this summer. You in?

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