“Before” Photos

Here is a quick tour of my new apartment, including notes on my pretty lofty dreams of improvement. (Please try to ignore all of the piles of junk. I took these photos on move-in day.)

I haven’t really figured out how to use this room yet. It’ll be some sort of creative/craft space, but currently it’s the room for everything without a determined home. I know I’ll be ripping down the wallpaper trim around the top of the walls, and I’ll be replacing the drapery hardware with some simple Ikea hardware I already own. This room may be either green, blue, or red someday.

2nd Bedroom / Office

My bedroom is so empty that there is an echo. Seriously. I’m happy that I have a specific room just for sleeping again, though. It’s peaceful. I’d like to paint this room a very light golden-yellow, but it’s not a priority by any means.

Bedroom (south side)

Bedroom (north side)

I love my new living room! It gets so much sunlight in the afternoon. I’m looking forward to getting a couch in the space some day soon (hopefully), but I’d like to paint this room beforehand. This room will be a greyish-blue to match some fabric I have (truth: it’s a dress I’m going to re-purpose as art). I’m also planning to remove the carpet, with the hope that decent hardwood flooring is underneath it.

Living Room (north side)

Living Room (south side)

I don’t quite know what to do with my entry, yet. It might be a light green someday. The built-in glass hutch is one of my favorite things about the apartment.


The kitchen is very large, which is great. It needs some work, but it is priority project #2. I’m planning to rip down the ugly wallpaper (it’s almost so ugly it’s fun, but not quite all the way there) and paint the walls a sort of marigold orange/yellow—something to match that oven and help it blend in a little. I think the tiled back-splash should come out because it grosses me out. It would nice to re-tile, but paint might be enough.

Kitchen (northeast side)

Kitchen (northwest side)

Karyn pointed out that this wallpaper was hung with great care—the seams all match up. I can appreciate that, and I’m planning to get some sort of vegetables in art form as an homage.

Veggie Wallpaper

This is a 3-season porch on the northeast side of the apartment. It gets really nice light in the morning, but I haven’t had a chance to enjoy it properly as it has become the box repository. (I plan to get rid of the boxes on Monday.) I don’t know what to do with this room yet, but I would like to get a string of lights for possible evening enjoyment later this summer. It would also be nice to get rid of the carpet.

3-Season Porch

The bathroom is priority project #1—I’m actually planning to work on taking down the wallpaper this weekend. It’s truly awful and wasn’t hung with as much care as the veggies in the kitchen were. I plan to paint it a very light cool blue (a hue that will match the living room). I would also like to paint the cabinetry and trim a bright white. I’ll take pictures of my progress and report back, of course.

Bathroom (west side)

Bathroom (east side)

Did someone once think this was sexy? Yuck!

Floral Wallpaper

Overall, this is a great apartment—so much sunlight and space. I’m happy to be back in Northeast Minneapolis and I’m happy to have fun projects (and big dreams) ahead of me!

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