Grandparents and Garages

Early last week, Mom and Dad came up to visit Hannie while also making plans for Karyn and Bryan’s garage renovation later this summer.

Enjoying an evening on the patio

Enjoying an evening on the patio

We went to Wildfire one night to celebrate Dad’s 51st birthday.

Dad, Mom, and Hannie

Dad and his birthday dessert

Mom and Hannie

For lunch before they headed back to South Dakota, we visited the 5-8 Club. I got the Juicy Lucy with blue cheese and it was awesome! I had a bite of the Juicy Lucy with pepper jack cheese, and it was also delicious.

5-8 Club

Karyn and Hannie

We also enjoyed fresh rhubarb, corn on the cob, and watermelon while they were here. It was a very yummy few days!

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