Why Things Suck / Persuasive Poster

For the next assignment, I have to pick one of 33 things that suck according to Wired and develop a persuasive poster the offers a solution or more information. Basically, I just need to get a public audience to think more critically about the problem (as described in the project outline).

I’m working up a few ideas for class tomorrow (which I’ll scan and post here), but some of the subjects I find most intriguing are Knees and Backs (yoga? correct posture? vitamins?), Science (evolution? education?), and Tomatoes (farmers’ markets? home gardening? how to identify ripeness?).

The poster will be produced in black and white (though using colored paper has been approved) and it must be larger than 12″x19″—which is great, because I haven’t produced any posters larger than 11″x17″. It’ll be great to see my work on a larger scale!

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