Assignment Notes

Here are some of my sketches for upcoming assignments.

For my persuasive poster I’ve decided to take a pro-yoga stance (in response to “Knees and Backs”). I’d like to use a photograph instead of illustrating the yoga poses, so I need to find a model. I also need to determine size and consider the proportions of my image(s) and text on my page. I have lots of things to think about!

Today I also got a good start on my website design, but I’m not sure it’s working exactly the way I envisioned. I’m not sure what sort of screen resolution to use (are people still viewing websites with 800×600 proportions? because I’m certainly not), so I wonder if my design is too small for most computer screens. It will help to actually get some content on the page, too, I suppose. It’s being built specifically for my class, so I need to highlight those assignments… and seeing as how it’s only the third week of class, we don’t have a lot of finished work yet.

Anyway, you can find my website-in-progress here, at

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