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I’m saving all of my energy for Drawn to Nature events on Thursday and Friday. Will be busy, fun, long work days. Full of socializing, happiness, and being pleasant. A perfect way to end March (my month of antisocial, miserable, crazy, delusional paranoia) and ring in April (will hopefully be a month of sunny, productive, chipper love for all — similar to January and February, which were good, care-free, charmingly experimental months).

Since I haven’t really left the confines of my house for the past week, I have watched movies.

  1. The Exonerated
  2. Yours, Mine and Ours
  3. Capote
  4. The Matador

I also saw Failure to Launch when I was in Vermillion, but I had to be out of the house for that one. It doesn’t count. I could tell you what I think about these movies, too, but all I will say is that with the exception of Yours, Mine and Ours, they were all good and worth watching. Yours, Mine and Ours might have been worth watching if it was Cheaper by the Dozen instead. Because I like Steve Martin.

I’m not completely reclusive, by the way. I went shopping on Saturday. And bellydancing and brunch with sister and dinner with Mom’s friends from Vermillion and brunch again on Sunday with Jen and Kristi and apartment-looking with coworker Mary. But other than all of that, I’m homebound. Except tonight! When I venture out of my house to the Spring Street Grill’s “Club Underground” to see Plastic Chord play.

I’m really babbling. Katie, who recently left the Bell and who had been the leader for Drawn to Nature, sent very fresh cookies from Tank Goodness and I ate two with a glass of milk. Now I have chocolate all over me. I was ravenous for cookies, I guess. Which is completely ridiculous. But they were ridiculously yummy — and arrived within 45 minutes of having left the oven, they were still warm.

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