@ home

I’m telling myself that I have no money to spend (except on sensible things like groceries) since I will soon be paying a higher rent and all those various expenditures that go along with moving, so it’s been a rather dull week. Not boring — I’m getting better at entertaining myself, but just dull. Like… If you asked me what sort of things I have been doing since returning to Minneapolis on Sunday night, I will reply: “Working, watching prime-time television, reading the latest JANE, sleeping, eating.” Oh, but my pal, Jason, called at midnight twice this week. Although I did not answer since I was unable to comprehend the sound of my phone ringing at such an ungodly hour (had been asleep since approximately 10pm), it was pretty exciting to know that people still want to talk to me when I’m in such a dull phase of my life.

Anyway, I also haven’t been feeling especially receptive to company/people, so maybe I’m getting an early start on my future antisocial life. One thing that often helps me feel less lame is being domestic. So last night I made cookies for the first time in about forever. They were goooooooooood. But I’m not feeling any less antisocial, just wishing I had a cookie now.

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