Viva Las Vegas

after my incident in the desert, i took a wrong turn (or, rather, missed the right turn) and ended up with a scenic drive down the strip in las vegas. not that i had any energy for it, but i took advantage of the situation by snapping photos when i was stopped. which was pretty often. traffic is pretty bad on the strip.

100_3768 100_3770

i didn’t start taking photos until i was way past the stratosphere, but i still had a glimpse in my side mirror.

100_3771 100_3776 100_3777 100_3778

anything i know about vegas, i learned from a movie.

100_3779 100_3780 100_3782 100_3784

i wonder how the osmonds feel about having their faces almost as tall as this building.

100_3786 IMG_7964

and, finally, i had returned to the security of a cell phone charger and a bed. later in the evening i joined coworkers at aureole before retiring for the evening.

IMG_7968 IMG_7972

we got to see someone – a “wine angel steward” – fetch a bottle of wine from about halfway up the column.


in the morning i joined a couple coworkers and rapid world cup fans down at the sports book. biggest. tv. ever.


he’s a german. totally awesome mullet. (and i think he was serious? i’m not, though.)


i went to happy hour at china grill a couple times. i was very pleased with their price for sushi.

IMG_8037 IMG_8039 IMG_8042

elephants everywhere!

IMG_8046 IMG_8049 IMG_8070

i also fell in love with the border grill. great chips and salsa and delicious margaritas! the ceviche was also really tasty after the day i spent walking the strip – really cooled me down.


oh, and the patio had a really great view over the pools.

(180/365) @ border grill

how many photos is that so far? I guess let’s keep going, i’ve got a ridiculous amount more to share but the organization might be weird.

IMG_8083 IMG_8084

to do for next time: ride the roller coaster at new york new york.

IMG_8091 IMG_8092 IMG_8093

another to do for someday: go to real new york.


i love a good lens flare!

IMG_8096 IMG_8087

mgm grand was the destination on the evening these photos were taken.

IMG_8098 IMG_8099

remember when david copperfield did those specials on tv before all sorts of other wacky magicians came along? i loved those shows, especially when you would get to “interact” with him during the card tricks made for viewers at home.

@ las vegas strip

this photo was taken on my way back to mandalay bay. i skipped a whole bunch because the event at the mgm was the attendee appreciation party for cisco live, details of which i’m saving for another post. onward!

@ mandalay bay / rumjungle @ mandalay bay / rumjungle

rumjungle. i shoulda gone back for more, but got distracted.

@ paris

my coworkers and i made a special trip to paris.

@ paris @ paris @ paris @ paris / mon ami gabi

we ate ridiculously well at mon ami gabi. steak roquefort: oh, my.

(182/365) @ paris / mon ami gabi @ paris @ paris @ paris @ paris

and, with the bellagio right across the street, we had to take in the fountains after dinner.

@ bellagio

@ welcome to fabulous las vegas sign

and now i need to take a break because i took about five million photos on my last day, which was entirely on my own. so! stay tuned.

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