Personal Day in Vegas

@ mandalay bay beach / wave pool

on my last full day in vegas, i parked myself in front of the wave pool for a good chunk of the morning. i meant to go back later with a real camera (i had only brought my cell phone and postcards to write) but wore myself out thoroughly later in the day.

@ mandalay bay beach / wave pool

those cushy red chairs cost extra.

@ burger bar

i ate a very expensive burger for lunch. i’m worth it. sweet potato french fries were worth it, too.

@ luxor @ luxor

a stroll through the luxor…

@ luxor @ excalibur

a brief moment at the excalibur…

@ excalibur @ mgm grand @ mgm grand

i confess: i was headed back to the mgm grand for the lion habitat. i’m a crazy cat lady, after all.

@ mgm grand @ mgm grand @ mgm grand lion habitat @ mgm grand lion habitat

tongue sticking out! kitties are funny.

@ mgm grand lion habitat @ mgm grand

the sex and the city slot machines are located right outside of the restrooms. just a little tip from me to you.

@ mgm grand @ mgm grand lion habitat @ mgm grand lion habitat

meow meow meow i don’t think i took enough photos of lions.

@ las vegas strip

“oh, man, it’s still daylight outside?” it’s true that time doesn’t really exist in vegas.

@ new york new york @ las vegas strip

mario brothers! i totally didn’t tip you guys enough.

@ las vegas strip @ las vegas strip @ las vegas skyway @ las vegas skyway

i don’t remember when i started to get really tired. i think i was inside the bellagio. walking around the strip is really hard after a week when it’s really hot and you’ve been eating way too well.

@ paris @ bellagio @ bellagio

i watched the fountain show again.

@ bellagio

i walked inside to turn around and head back to mandalay bay. but, oh! balloons! my next action item as a tourist was to attend a hot air balloon festival. (another post about that coming soon!)

@ bellagio @ bellagio

i also meant to find the dale chihuly glass but i’ll have to do that another day. i was so tired; i had to sit down for a rest after the bellagio turned out to be 15 miles long. at some point, i hopped a monorail to aria and then detoured through the monte carlo, but all i wanted to do was get back to my hotel so i didn’t take any photos of this tiny, tiring adventure.

@ new york new york @ new york new york @ new york new york

i think i should’ve stopped and had dinner here (nine fine irishmen), but i had a pretty awesome dinner back at the border grill. so it all evens out. next time!

@ new york new york @ las vegas tram @ mandalay bay / border grill

see those tiny people just off center in this photo? that’s the backstreet boys. no big deal. (my inner groupie was dying to be standing in the puddle with the rest of those girls, but i had a chair and a margarita… and no ticket. so, you know.)

@ mandalay bay / border grill @ mandalay bay / border grill

ah, border grill. your ceviche was so delicious!

@ mandalay bay / border grill @ mandalay bay / border grill

too bad i didn’t have my long lens. i should maybe start traveling with that.

@ mandalay bay @ mandalay bay

i only spent about $15 at the slots in las vegas, and mostly i was just hanging out, waiting for a waitress to happen by.

by the end of this day, i was so exhausted and ready to go home the next morning. ’til next time, vegas!

(184/365) @ mandalay bay

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