Trailer Trash Future

I’m only sort of sorry if I seem antisocial this week. I’m trying to organize my life and my home and my brain before school starts next week. You can always try emailing me. Emails are better when I am antisocial.

Also I am mentally preparing myself for the Trailer Trash Tour at Leo’s this weekend. I’m gonna party hard for Kristi’s birthday in Vermillion this weekend. Woo, Labor Day. Woo, too much drinking. At least I’ll get a t-shirt out of the deal.

The Trailer Trash Tour, by the way, if I haven’t told you already, is very classy. You pay them to give you a bucket of 6 or 7 not-so-good beers such as Hamm’s, Schlitz, or Schmidt’s (but sometimes Grain Belt Premium and Pabst’s Blue Ribbon are involved and the hot Minnesota summer has fried my brain into believing these are tasty). In fact, you don’t even have to drink these beers in order to get the t-shirt. You just have to pay for them. (As far as I understand it. This will be my first tour. I will have to consult friends from high school as to how it works exactly. And by high school friends I mean Jenny Frye because she must be a 5x Trailer Trash Tour Champion. She’s a Blue Ribbon kinda gal. Ok, I’ll stop with that now.) But of course we will drink the beers and we will be drunk.

Oy. Trip to Boston can’t come soon enough.

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