There’s no crying in baseball!

So. My days are filling up! This has been a very strangely social month for me. I am planning activities in advance and this causes me to get confused and think that I am days ahead of reality. I wish it was the weekend.

Anyway, this also sort of sucks because in approximately 11 days school will start again. In addition to my regular 40 hours at the Bell Museum, I am taking three night classes (11 credits! almost full-time student!). Granted, the classes I will be taking will be fun and right up my alley, I am getting worried.

What if I am overloading myself? I’m so used to being lazy and brain-dead. Will I get stressed out? I hate being stressed, so I rarely let things get to me. But then I also have to finish this distance editing course I’m enrolled in (the end date is in November) so it’s like I’ll be in four classes. When will I have time to study for the GRE that I plan to take in October? How much am I going to hate taking the bus home at 9pm three nights a week, through downtown, during the winter? What if I don’t get to see friends as much? So many things to worry about.

</whine> That’s it. You’re all coming over to my house to see me. Please bring alcohol.

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