This is my life now.

Ellipses and me

This morning a frenectomy was performed in my mouth. It was really quick and after it was done, I continued on my journey into work. I’m a little sore now, but I have this padding stuff protecting my gums. It’s kind of like a band-aid. And it kind of gives me a sense of comfort like a band-aid might.

This is in preparation for the graft that I will be having at the end of the month. That surgery will take a little bit longer, and I’m already planning to go home after it’s done. I’m gonna eat some ice cream after that one.

Everything else is pretty quiet… I’ll write about my cat. Ellipses was a 5-month old sleepy kitty when he first came home with me. I had actually been calling him Ellip-Sneezy since he had been sneezing since I met him. He is missing a tear duct, so I just figured that there was some sort of drainage issue as well. He got worse, though, and it turned out that he had a kitty cold, so we went to the vet mid-week. He’s almost done with his medications and he is doing much better! He is running up and down the apartment and escaping into the hallway and generally making me crazy. It’s nice to have excitement at home, though. He is very good about sleeping with me at night and has, so far, held off on waking me for food until it is at least 5:30am. His favorite toy is a simple Cat Dancer, and I can’t tell you how quickly he inhales Kitty Kaviar.

Oh! Also about the tear duct, since it is not there he has a bit of “tear overflow” which I wipe off for him with a damp tissue. I think he has taken this gesture as a show of love because the other night before bed, he purred and licked my eye. Which was gross. But so extra sweet!

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