Test of Will

I decided that, after a week of spending money every day (even it was only about $3), I needed a day of buying nothing. That day was today.

Arbor Day Cupcakes

Cupcake Party 2009

Yesterday could have been the day, too, but I needed to get gas for my car. A stupid, necessary evil.

Meat Cupcakes

Excited at the Cupcake Party

Anyway, so today I resolved not to spend any money. It definitely felt like I had an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other—I wanted stuff all day long.

Making Gravy

Daub the Guinea Pig

Ann and Jason

Coworker Jen wanted company to Target over lunch. I said I would go, but I couldn’t buy anything. When we got there I had resolved that if they had the right kind of filter for my vaccuum (which I was 98% sure they wouldn’t) that I would buy it. And I would buy some socks.

Iowa sunset

Of course, they did not have the filter.

Clarice the Chicken

Christopher and Alex play Wii

Dried Up Flower

So I looked at socks and I looked at toys and I looked at movies and video games. I also looked at purses and long underwear*. And I wanted to buy so many things, but I refrained.

National Balloon Museum

Setting Free

At the end of the day I started thinking about dinner. I thought about how much I wanted pizza (from Pizza Man, yum-yum-yummy!) but I think Jason and I will order one tomorrow night. So I wanted Chipotle instead, but now I always think about calories and carbohydrates and my brain totally ruins these kind of cravings for me.

Balloon Pins

Balloon Stained Glass

Instead I went to the gym (even though I didn’t want to—yet another internal battle) and then I went home, where I ate brats. If I had spaghetti sauce I would’ve had spaghetti and garlic bread (which would’ve induced a two-hour nap, for sure).

Balloons in Indianola

And now it’s 11 p.m. and blah blah blah I’m rambling.

Dave eats a Ham Sandwich

Jason points at the Ham Sandwich that I am eating

Tomorrow I will go back to spending money (on pizza and Redbox rentals, at least) and Sunday I have brunch plans, followed by a trip to the Mall of America. I’m not buying anything there, though, unless it’ll be an awesome Christmas present for someone.

Taiwanese Bath Bomb

P.S. None of the photos posted with this story are actually related to the story. In case you couldn’t tell.

Taiwanese Bath Bomb Toy

* Side note: How have I lived in the Midwest all of my life and never owned long underwear? It’s friggin’ cold here in December and January.

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