Finalizing 2009

I was going to fill out one of those surveys floating around the internet that asked about all the new and exciting and crazy things I did in 2009, but I’d rather just post the rest of my photos from the year because otherwise I’ll never get around to posting them!

Ryan pours mimosas

I joined a group of my friends for “Sexy Dress-Up Day” — we ate brunch at Maria’s Cafe then went back to Ryan’s house for mimosas all afternoon.

Warr and me

I wore the new little black dress I bought as a birthday gift to myself and put on make-up — that never happens! It was an extra special day.

kissing pugs

Ryan and Jess

Group Photo

We like to take photos of ourselves and our friends, it’s no lie.

Bertine and Warr

Later in the week, I stopped at Tiff’s apartment for a small birthday celebration for Warr.

Me and other friends of Warr

Jazz hands!

Me and Tiff

I like this photo. I look sort of skinny. Maybe going to the gym has been helping my figure? I can’t tell anymore.

Crystal, me, Warr and Veronica


How you doin’?

Me and Veronica

Hey, we match!

The whole group

Before the evening ended, Warr did an entire choreographed dance to Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” Color me impressed! I have no hope of ever having that sort of energy. ever. again.

And now it’s time for a few other, totally random photos.

At Club Jager:

Me and Kristi

Jason, me, Kristi and Jared

Only one of us in this photo is not inebriated.

At Blue Nile:

Mom and Hannie


At work, with my zany coworkers:

Marketing gang

We took these photos on Kerri’s last day with us — seasonal and commemorative!

Marketing jump

At Hannie’s house:


Jason and Hannie

Jason and I hung out with Hannie while Karyn and Bryan took an hour or so to run errands together. We totally wore my little niece out and she gave me some very wonderful cuddles at the end of the evening.

And one more cute one (or cheesy one?) — me and Jason. Awww!

Me and Jason

He’s pretty swell — and at the top of my list of new, exciting things that happened in 2009.

I’m looking forward to 2010 — I hope you’re all having an excellent new year so far!

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