taking stock

i’m having some trouble waking up this morning, so i turned to my feedly browser for some inspiration. i found this from scarlet words and i liked it. so here is my list:

Making: pickles (or at least I should be, a whole drawer in my fridge is currently filled with cucumbers from the garden!)

Cooking: very little. i don’t know why i’m feeling very uninspired in the kitchen lately.

Drinking: straw-ber-rita from budweiser. they’re okay, just don’t let it get warm.

Reading: “o” magazines from warner’s seemingly unending subscription before bed and jquery.com during work.

Wanting: a few more days without any plans before summer is over. it’s not going to happen, though. sigh.

Looking: at pinterest too much. (too many ideas, not enough time!)

Playing: i’ve been slowing down with dragonvale, but i recently picked up “breadkittens” (i might be done with this one, too) and “happystreet” (like animal crossing but less time-intensive — so far).

Wasting: daylight.

Sewing: nada, even though i have plenty of projects i could be working on there, too…

Wishing: i could have summers off from work. the other day i was joking about becoming a home ec teacher but, you guys, i really haven’t missed being in school. not even a little bit. (okay, maybe i miss buying new pens and notebooks every fall.)

Enjoying: all of the vegetables exploding from my garden, even if they are a little bit overwhelming.

Waiting: for very little. i’m not very patient when i’m busy.

Liking: how much i’ve learned for my job in the last 6 months.

Wondering: about a lot of things that i think i’ll just keep to myself for now.

Loving: jason.

Hoping: for a productive, yet still relaxing, weekend.

Marvelling: at how much yarn i have in my crafting room. and storage closet.

Needing: to finish the harry potter prisoner of azkaban-style scarf i’ve been knitting for way too long. (four pattern-repeat rounds left…)

Smelling: the mornings smell like autumn and the evenings smell like a fire pit.

Wearing: a cardigan everyday because the office is freezing. we don’t use much a/c at home, so going anywhere that has it blasting is like being inside of a refrigerator.

Following: casie, raymi, dooce, cassie, elsie, alina, and jenny. these ladies blog like i would like to be blogging.

Noticing: that i don’t really follow many dude bloggers. are there some good dude bloggers out there?

Knowing: i am healthier than i was a year ago and i am proud of my determination.

Thinking: i could probably stand to eat fewer cookies, but i really like cookies!

Bookmarking: jquery tutorials for work and color palettes for my bedroom. (pinning is the same as bookmarking, right?)

Opening: “the simpsons: tapped out” on the ipad a little more obsessively since there are a bunch of quests to complete lately.

Giggling: my status update from wednesday:

Feeling: honestly? i’m still pretty tired. but i guess it’s time to try to get to work…

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