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Last night was a ladies’ night out with Kristi and Sasha at Ichiban. It was fantastic — we all left with big tummy aches.

This is an ingenious way to do sushi. The chef prepares plates of one or two pieces of sushi and they float around to all the patrons in boats that circle the bar. It’s all you can eat (indeed) and you can try anything! Most of the time I had no idea what I was eating, but it’s probably better that way. Sasha was the only one brave enough to try an Oyster. (She said it was not good.) The chefs also take requests and just as we were starting to feel stuffed, the chef delivered a huge caterpillar roll to Sasha. Oy!

Totally delish and a total ego booster as our chefs were particularly frisky and charming last night. I even received a “Good Morning!” text message from one of them this morning (I bet he gets all the single gals’ phone numbers). Next time I want to see huge flames and have the chef cook at my table.

Also it was so good that I’ll be eating pb&j sammiches for the next couple weeks. It was worth it.

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