springtime happiness

today, during my lunch hour, i went to visit flowers.

i have my own flowers growing at home: i transplanted a bleeding heart and day lillies late last fall and feared the worst. but this week i have little green leaves growing!

I thought these plants might be dead! I'm happily wrong. I thought these plants might be dead! I'm happily wrong.

so i suppose that means i ought to clean up these flower beds a little bit, ‘eh?

i also have tomato and pepper seeds sprouting in my kitchen — i planted them in newspaper pots about a week ago. i was thinking they would take another week to grow, but i guess spring is eager this year! i’m cool with that.

Tomato seedlings are already sprouting!

i have never started a garden from seed before, so i wonder if i will have too many sprouts growing. i made three containers of tomatoes and used about 6 seeds per container. i certainly don’t have room for 20+ tomato plants.

we have also been remodeling our bathroom this week, so i have been taking a lot of photos and not posting them here. i am a little distracted — last night i was scraping old tile adhesive off of the walls and priming some of the repair we’ve done. but i’m posting now because i really wanted to share the flowers i visited — i hope they brighten your day a little bit, like they brightened mine.

yay, spring!

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