mary loves musicals

a few weeks ago, some of my friends and i hosted a bridal shower for mary, whose wedding is in june. we decided the theme should be musicals — just for fun.

IMG_9992 IMG_9993 IMG_9994

i illustrated the table cards to explain how the food all tied in to the theme. at the end of the party, those table cards went into a book that also had additional illustrated pages of special quotes each of the hostesses chose (signed with personal well wishes for the happy couple). i chose hairspray — “without love, life is like the seasons with no summer. without love, life is rock ‘n’ roll without a drummer.”

IMG_9995 IMG_9988

nina’s house was filled with gorgeous tulips, too. it was such a fun, colorful day (just a few days after a big snowfall, too).

IMG_0003 IMG_0007 IMG_0011

after everyone had a chance to enjoy some of the food, we launched into the first game. the objective was to try to pronounce a character’s name from a couple of mary’s favorite musicals — with a giant marshmallow stuffed into your mouth!


katie developed a “chipmunking” technique.


i had no idea how difficult it actually was until i tried it, but luckily i was too busy taking photos and only had to attempt it once. 🙂

IMG_0015 IMG_0017

then, to the next game…


i’m not sure where jane found this one but it was both hilarious and completely inappropriate. yes, there is video. no, i’m not posting it (i promised everyone [and myself] that i wouldn’t embarrass us all like that).

IMG_0021 IMG_0023

michelle’s coconut cake with coconut ice cream was ohmygodyum. i wish i had some right now.


and then it was time for gifts!

IMG_0032 IMG_0033 IMG_0035 IMG_0047

nina was the purveyor of gifts.

IMG_0053 IMG_0054

katie explains why its very important to have at least one nice, big serving tray. and she sure picked a lovely one for mary!

IMG_0058 IMG_0068 IMG_0069

this was so cute – mother of the groom put together a whole picnic kit, complete with rainy day substitution!

IMG_0064 IMG_0080

custom apron for mary, who loves aprons.

IMG_0087 IMG_0090

and, finally, the hostesses presented the book that includes the table cards, our well wishes, and…

IMG_0098 IMG_0099

a ticket for her and her future husband to see the musical of their choice. 🙂 (judging by her face, i think she was surprised and very pleased!)


i’m so excited for her wedding! it will be at her family’s farm in south dakota and guaranteed to be a super fun time.

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