I have a meeting about Drawn to Nature in just a minute, but I wanted to talk about the last night, which was so exciting that I’m not even very tired today (until I get home and find a cozy position on the couch, I’m sure).

I met Jen and some of her coworkers at Legend’s for the weekly karaoke date around 10pm. Jen and I both signed up for at least 4 or 5 songs right away, so we were always in the line-up for singing. Which we love. Because we love attention. We both submitted all new songs and for the most part they went very well (Sting’s “We’ll Be Together” didn’t go how I thought it would). It was a small crowd so everyone was sort of in each other’s business. Brenda had some graduated students in attendance, there were football fans, and there were bored nerdy-types who just wanted to sing. Around 1am (and I had told Jen I wanted to leave around midnight, which never happens usually) there was a new singer. As he passed me to go to the stage he complimented me on choosing Garbage’s “Only Happy When It Rains.” How much do I love attention? So much! So later a semi-inebriated Jen made us really meet and we talked about various other karaoke hot spots in the Twin Cities. He mentioned Grumpy’s on Washington and I said I’d never been there. I told him he could take me sometime (hence, not fearing initiation, though if Jen hadn’t been so eager I probably wouldn’t have had anything to initiate). I do so love experiencing new karaoke venues! It gives me a chance to sing all of my favorites again. So we’ll see, but it’s nice to know that it’s still possible to meet people in the Twin Cities.

Also! Brenda let me sing Pat Benatar’s “We Belong” at bar time — the employees were turning on all of the lights as I sang. Those beauty school girls just kept on dancing anyway! It rocked.

I am a karaoke dork and I LOVE it. Time for the meeting.



and there were bored nerdy-types who just wanted to sing

I wonder if that’s how the other Open Mike’s people feel about Christina and I. Probably. *sigh*


I am definitely a bored nerdy-type, too. It’s hip to be square!

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