Project 365: Completed!

(1/365) @ dalrymple home

I decided last January 1st, on a whim, to take at least one photo every day in 2010 — also known as Project 365. My only rules for myself were that (1) I wasn’t allowed to use my phone camera to take the daily photo, and (2) I had to compose and shoot the photo on my own.

(6/365) @ jason's apartment (15/365) @ joffe medicenter (19/365) @ home

There were some days that I almost forgot to take photos and some days where I knew what I’d be taking a photo of beforehand. There are also a lot of photos of my cats.

(29/365) @ macaroni grill (41/365) @ omni orlando resort

Some facts about my photo collection (assuming I just accurately kept count as I scrolled through):

  • Photos of me: 24
  • Photos of my friends and family: 51
(67/365) @ home (80/365) @ st. anthony main
  • Photos of beverages (mostly of the adult variety): 18
  • Photos of food: 45
(84/365) @ fine line music cafe (95/365) @ st. agnes catholic church
  • Photos of cats (mostly my own): 24
  • Photos of my sweetheart, Jason: 10
  • Photos of flowers: 9
(111/365) @ target field (114/365) @ museum of visual materials (137/365) @ home

I did a lot of new things in 2010: I joined a gym. I bought a “new” car (used, but only two years old and one previous owner). I had LASIK eye surgery.

(149/365) @ st. paul college club (162/365) @ karyn & bryan's house (177/365) @ arizona desert

I traveled to Orlando, Florida; Las Vegas, Nevada; got lost in Arizona for a couple hours; and had a road trip through new England (Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine).

(181/365) @ mgm grand / viva live vegas (207/365) @ morrie's subaru

My friends and family got married: Ryan and Jane (technically married in October 2009, but we celebrated in America this year… and it now occurs to me they’ll be celebrating in Taiwan this year! Way to stretch the party, guys!), Jenny and Jeremy, and Kristi and Jared.

(211/365) @ karyn & bryan's (213/365) @ parents' house (218/365) @ national balloon classic

My friends had some adorable babies: Lucas (Jen & Tom), Aurora (Kelsey & Royce), Jaxon (Logan & Missy), and Lillian (who was born on New Year’s Eve to Erin & Jason!).

(250/365) @ wells beach (273/365) @ work

I attended two hockey games (who would’ve ever thought that would happen?) at the Xcel Energy Center and two outdoor, major league baseball games — one at the new Target Field and one at Fenway Park.

(315/365) @ home (330/365) @ dalrymple home (339/365) @ minneapolis institute of arts

All in all: 2010 was a great year to document! I’m eager to see what kind of excitement 2011 brings my way.

(351/365) @ famous dave's uptown

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