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This is the last week I’ll be spending time with this assignment. Class critique and final, mounted designs are due next Tuesday. Hopefully I’ll be able to post my progress a couple more times this week because I have a lot of work ahead of me! Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

This past weekend I made some progress with putting my designs in context to yoga practice and retail display. My retail display contains two of my three major pieces for the series: the product tag and the display poster. The product tags (3 layouts for one specific pose/color to be developed this week) will contain the majority of my typographic design (health benefits, pose tips and, of course, pose name) and will be mounted on one board together. The display poster is important to show my pose illustration quality. I’m not sure if I should print this piece to scale or full size (24″x36″ like my original yoga poster), but this piece may also be mounted on its own board. The contextual retail display (with final tag and poster designs applied) will also be mounted on its own board.

My yoga mat design is the third major piece of this series, though it is possibly the most important. This is, after all, where my ideas for this assignment began. I will be focusing on the same pose that I develop for my product tags (Fire Log Pose might be the best pose to work with) to create a more artistic and interesting mat design. In the illustrations to the left, I’ve laid the texture of a yoga mat under each design in order to further influence the design. I’m not sure if this is necessary or if it detracts from the design. Ultimately, the graphic I work with will be mounted on it’s own board.

My last board will include my final mat design applied to a contextual image (as seen to the left) and perhaps my three other mats. I don’t know if I’ll develop them further, but perhaps they’re necessary to show the overall grid system of my mat designs.

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Lisa Reed

Hey Amy,

I love your in-store display, it’s really clean and would totally fit in with Target’s image. I also really like your choice of colors, they are fun and eye-catching without being “elementary” primary colors. I don’t think the texture of the mat is necessary—it is nice to see how the design would look on a textured mat though—but I think here your actual design is the most important part.

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