Plans / Schedules

My dining itinerary, so far:

Saturday (tomorrow!!):
Lunch: Pink’s
Snack: Sprinkles
Dinner: Gordon Ramsay at the London

Breakfast: The Village Idiot
Lunch: Wahoo’s
Dinner: Somewhere downtown that hosts restaurant week specials — maybe the Corkbar or Chaya?

My Adobe MAX sessions:

Monday, October 5
Ajax for Designers
ActionScript 3.0 Tastes Good (and Is Good for You, Too!)
Why CEOs, CFOs, and CMOs Want Flash (But Don’t Know It)
Workflows for the Flash Platform

Tuesday, October 6
Building Standards-Based Websites in Dreamweaver
Design to Development: Flash Catalyst to Flash Builder
Advanced Interaction Design and Designing for Data in Flash Catalyst

Wednesday, October 7
How to Visually Design and Prototype Websites
A Deep Dive into Ten Innovative Projects for Flash
CSS Tips and Tricks for Web Design
SEO Secrets, Technology, and Magic Behind Flash
Design Websites that Grab People: Building Online Communities

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