Photo Catch Up Extravaganza

Please have a seat. I have about 50 million new photos to show you, some of which are from (what seems like) forever ago. There is just too much life happening lately!

Jason took me to see Dan Navarro play with Michael McDermott at the Fine Line Music Cafe. It was a really good show and it’s entirely possible that I was more than a little happy to be out on the town with such a good man. A good date night will cure what ails you!

Michael McDermott and Heather Horton

Michael McDermott

Heather Horton

Dude with Dan Navarro

Dan Navarro and crew

Michael McDermott on harmonica

Dan Navarro

I went on a date with Hannie (and Karyn) to Underwater Adventures. We unfortunately didn’t see any barracuda (my favorite) but there were plenty of scary sharks! When is it not crowded? That would be a good time to go again with Hannie so she can spend less time being distracted by other humans.

Hannie points at a turtle

Karyn and Hannie

Scuba Divers

Hannie watches sharks

Black-light Jellyfish Room

Random: I’m surrounded by cute pets!




I caught an amazing Minneapolis sky a few weeks ago:

Minneapolis sky panorama

Minneapolis sky over the Quarry

My brother, Ryan, finally married Jane.

Hannie and Ryan

All the Ladies

Mom and Grampa Bob

Ryan and Jane sitting in a tree...

Jason, Dad, Mom and Grampa Bob

Karyn, Mike and Prayati


Me and my Grandmothers

Hannie and her Easter bunny

Sharing gifts

Hannie unwraps Little People

More gifts

Bryan and Ryan

Jason and my gift to Hannie

Gramma and Grampa

Hannie reading

Me and Hannie

The following day was the ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony - Immediate Family

Jane and Ryan's wedding

Jane's wedding dress

Karyn, Mom and Hannie

Photographing Ryan and Jane

Jane's wedding hair

Hannie with her Grampa and Great-Grampa



Me and Jason

…and the celebration of Hannie’s first birthday!

Hannie's first birthday cake

Karyn and Hannie

…and — YUM! — dinner at Skitch and Chae’s house!

Skitch grills

Women in Chae's kitchen

I also had the privilege of meeting a very new Miss Aurora Collier-Wise.

Aurora and me

That was a very busy day. The following day I made Jason do some Vermillion sight-seeing, which I will continue in a new post.

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