I wanna go outside!

Just a few weeks ago, life looked like this:

Foggy and Gross

And lately it’s been looking more like this:

Pre-Spring at Norman Pointe

It’s too bad I have to spend so much of my life stuck in a tiny cubicle with no view of a window to the outside world. Are you sad for me, too?

I didn’t think so. Whatevs. Here are some things that have happened:

Outside of The Anchor

If you’re in the Twin Cities and haven’t been to the Anchor, you really should go. I went twice in one week last month and it was delicious and fun and comfortable (after waiting for a much-coveted seat) both times!

Fish and Chips at The Anchor

Karyn and Bryan hosted a game night — it’s been quite some time since the last one! We played Quelf and Apples to Apples. We also ate a ridiculous amount of cheesy dips and spreads, but they were all awesome and worth the calories.

Cyn playing Quelf

Susan playing Quelf

Dale rolls a 6

Dale was pretty lucky to roll that 6 on his first try!

Bryan makes new words

Darcy playing Quelf

Jason ended his shift at work just as game night was winding down, so we ended up at the Red Stag so he could have dinner — and I could sing karaoke! There were about 3 other people singing, so it was pretty quiet. It would be fun to check it out on a more happenin’ weekend evening sometime.

me singing karaoke

The following day, Jason and I wandered around St. Anthony Main. The Mississippi was at its cresting stage and was pretty impressively powerful. The air on the stone arch bridge was filled with the mist the river was creating.

looking south across the Mississippi

looking north at St. Anthony Main

It was pretty much a perfect day to be a Minneapolitan.

Raging Mississippi Rapids

a little calmer downriver

smoke stacks

Next up: my brother gets married, my niece celebrates her first birthday, and I make Jason see some sights in Vermillion.

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