New Classes

Yesterday was a great day!

Things are going very well at work, my new classmates seem awesome (grad students are less shy than undergrad students?), and Ellipses did not knock too many things over during my very long day away from him.

My morning class (“Game Design”) is more undergrad students than grad students, but I think it’ll be an interesting mix of people. Sauman Chu was very energetic for an 8:30am class, which was refreshing. I think I’ll really like her through the semester.

My evening class (“Design Research”) is entirely grad students—and I was one of the youngest. Brad Hokanson seems really down to earth, and has a good rapport with those students that already know him. A bunch of my classmates also know each other from previous courses and they get along well. I was especially pleased with the two gals I was matched with for introductions. Julie is a mom from Chicago and loves monster trucks (because they are so “raw”), and Kristin does Tango. We all enjoy Scrabble.

The energy from these classes! Amazing! I think it’ll be a great semester.

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