Need more Wondrous Punch!

@ red dragon

So Rebecca is FINALLY back from Australia and we shared some much needed girl gossip over Wondrous Punches at the Red Dragon last night. We possibly had too much fun… I would say “definitely” instead, but since Minneapolis was caught up in a mini-blizzard last night, there weren’t many other people to get involved in our fun.

Tomorrow morning I start being a graduate student and that is crazy. Tuesdays might kill me (class from 8:30am–10:30am, work ’til 5:30pm, another class from 6:30pm–9:30pm). I will persevere! Next semester I think I’d like to try to get back to back classes instead.

All of my application materials are in to the College of Design, and I have gooooood feelings about my future status as a graduate student.

I think I’ve had an excess of relaxation over the holidays (and today was a day off, too—thanks, MLK Jr.). I am ready to work and learn and get things done!


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