Mind Your Peas

This quote is for John to prove that I am not alone in disliking first dates at restaurants:

Contrary to popular mating-ritual practices, dinner is not the best first-date activity. Sitting at a table with someone you don’t really know can be uncomfortable, and the conversation is always the same – what do you do?, where are you from?, how long have you lived here?, blah, blah, blah – and therefore has the potential of becoming dull and tedious. Sometimes within the first five minutes, you’re blinking at the salt and pepper shakers, wondering why … you exchanged numbers. … According to my sources, the best first dates are those in which you’re doing something, so that you can see how the person interacts in a natural and spontaneous way.

The Go-Girl Guide, Julia Bourland

(Julia goes on to suggest a bike ride, a baseball game or a concert as a first date activity.)

My best first date so far was at Grumpy’s. I met the new dude there (instead of asking him to pick me up) and we drank a ridiculous amount of beer, but it was so awesomely comfortable. No food involved!



Amy, thanks for the comment. I couldn’t resist posting a reply though. You’ll have to check out my site. :p

Your best date sounds fun! I was trying to think of my best first date, and I don’t think I’ve had it yet. Perhaps, the problem is the dinner part.


I also have a best worst first date (totally involves dinner 😉 )… do you have one of those?


I actually do have a worst first date that comes to mind. It does involve dinner (actually lunch).

I’ll share if you share… 😉

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