Loop de Loop Pillows

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✓ practice with the rotary cutter


✓ remember how to do basic embroidery

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✓ use the new-to-me antique sewing machine

(new, low-shank ¼” foot purchased at glad creations.)


i’ve had my eye on this pattern from the purl bee for quite some time — i’m so delighted that i was finally able to use it! it served as my reintroduction to the sewing world, forcing me to find my only embroidery hoop and to ensure that my sewing machine was in good working condition.


i can still sew a straight line: hooray!


purl bee instructions read:

To make sure the pillows corners are neat you will want to sew a curve instead of a right angle. Mark this curve by using a juice glass as instructed below.

a wine glass works just as well, i’ve found. (maybe even better at times.)

IMG_9694 IMG_9688 IMG_9689

everything i learned in home ec. class came flooding back with that familiar sewing machine hum. it feels so good to craft!

IMG_9691 IMG_9695

the finished pillow cases! they make me happy and there’s another bonus: an item on my 101 goals in 1001 days list is complete.


can’t wait to get to sewing some quilt blocks — i am currently in the process of cutting many squares. i am nervous about cutting up all of my lovely fabrics (worried i’ll do something wrong) but also really excited to finally be making some progress! i hope i can get a lot more cutting done this weekend, so i can start laying everything out by sunday night. (i’ll just have to find a good, cat-free zone for this…)

i received a wise reminder from my friend, bertine: “measure twice!” (so far, so good!)

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