Living in the moment

I made an impromptu trip to Madison, Wisconsin yesterday. I was visiting Bridget and Lindy. I was able to drive there since Karyn and Bryan had flown to Colorado and left me with her car. I didn’t let her know before I went, but I left her presents and washed their dishes before they returned Sunday PM. What is that saying – “Forgiveness is easier to ask for than permission?” Anyway, it was fabulous getting lost for the weekend.

I can’t pick one picture to represent my short trip, so here is what I look like in one of Madison’s many bars’ bathroom.

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It was oodles of good, new experiences as I have never been to Madison before! I saw the Kraft Foods and Oscar Meyer factory (though no photo and no sightings of the Weiner Mobile – bummer!) I ate Madison’s #1 sandwich at Ella’s Deli (Pastrami and Corned Beef on Caraway Rye – added dijon mustard). I tried Spotted Cow beer. I witnessed Badger-style team spirit (it’s very loud). I drank on State Street. I witnessed two huge lakes in one smallish city and they both had such extremely different moods. And now I am eating cheese curds with a glass of wine before giving in to exhaustion.

It was totally fabulous. Bridget and Lindy are excellent hostesses and I recommend their services!

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