Want to live in Uptown Minneapolis?

My friend, Jared, bought a duplex in northeast Minneapolis about a year and a half ago. Soon after he moved in and got some renters for the upstairs unit, my friend, Kristi, moved in with him.

Yesterday morning, Jared & Kristi’s renters moved out. Later in the day I got a tour of the cute upstairs 2-bedroom apartment. (I even got a peek into the totally heebie-jeebie-fied attic.) The bedrooms are huge, as is the kitchen. There are lots of little odd nooks and crannies for storage (or hiding) (or popping out and scaring visitors). The living room area was also a good size and has two large windows—the sun was setting while I toured and the light in the room was fantastic. The bathroom is a little odd, but I can work with it. We discussed the dirty details over beer and wings at Buffalo Wild Wings in Columbia Heights (how much for monthly rent, how much for security deposit, etc.). It all sounded like a good plan to me!

The only issue with me moving there is timing. I would need to find a new renter to take over my current lease (in Uptown Minneapolis) at the beginning of July.* (It’s a really cute studio apartment, do you want to come look?) That’s a month earlier than my lease ends. (I have a super, easy-going landlord if you want to fill out an application for his consideration.) Jared and Kristi wouldn’t be able to afford waiting for a new tenant until August 1st, and I definitely wouldn’t be able to afford two rents in July. (Off-street parking is only $15 extra, and all utilities except tv/phone/internet are paid.) In a day or so my landlord will send me an application for people who are interested in the apartment, and I will take photos to post an ad on Craigslist. (The Urban Bean and a Metro Transit bus stop are just across the street.) I’m getting a head start by putting a little notice out here, as well as updating friends and family about my plans. (Comment—and be sure to leave your email address—if you’d like to see the apartment when I start showing.)

* I just spoke with Kristi and she asked about moving even earlier—beginning of June? Is that pushing my luck? It’s something to consider…

I’m very excited about all of this! I think it’ll be a good change.

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