Karaoke last night was sort of a bust

Kristi kept her promise that she would go with me to karaoke for a little while and Jen seemed pretty excited about going. I told Joe that I would be attending this week because I felt bad for not returning his call last week. Well, there was a huge crowd of kids who were all about singing (and they were good, but their singing prevented my singing, which is the only singing I am concerned with) so I only sang two songs. Jen and one of her coworkers decided to leave around 11:30 to go to a Roseville cop’s party. Kristi wanted to leave at midnight. I gave up and left with Kristi, too. I talked to RPM a little bit about how I’m moving and may not make to Legend’s karaoke as much as I would like. Total bummer, but he promised he would drunk-dial me sometime. Maybe I will have a house-warming party and invite him and Brenda. Oh, plus Brenda was on vacation last night, so that’s an extra bummer for the night.

Also yesterday I decided to leave work early and went to Target with Jen. I was just intending to get a few cleaning supplies, but also found a supercute “sleeping gown” in the girls’ section. It’s polyester and covered with garden gnomes! So I bought that and wore it to karaoke last night. It was fun but I don’t wear short skirts very often and I felt self-conscious the whole time. I also bought more socks because I’m not ready for flip-flops at work and I don’t have many socks that aren’t knee-high now. I kind of went obsesso-nuts with the knee-high socks this past winter.

So I spent too much money at Target, which is always the case. Then we went to dinner at Totino’s, which has nothing to do with the frozen pizza, I guess. (Jen also loved that the original owners fell in love at the Viking on West Bank.) It’s a broken-down gangster paradise on Central and Hennepin. Jen got tortellini, I got a small pizza and we split garlic cheese bread. My pizza had a faint taste of soap, but red pepper flakes fixed it right up. Everyone there (except Jen, me and the waitresses) was over 50 years old, for sure. The restaurant also recently celebrated their 55th anniversary. I wish I was more impressed. They do have a small (free) parking lot, however, and that is a bonus for the neighborhood.

Tonight I will watch Must-See-TV on NBC and wash the walls in the kitchen. I’m going to dance on the counters, whee!

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