Girls night!

Decided it would be a good idea to leave the house tonight, so Kristi and I planned to visit Block E for a movie. Invited Ellie, too. As we were headed there, Jen called and I invited her, too. We saw a confusing chick flick, Friends With Money. I liked it (especially “Reese Witherspoon will knit me a sweater!”) except for the end. It was kind of a downer. I’m not sure.

Um, so we visited Applebee’s after for $1.50 imported taps (9pm–close, $1 domestic taps, and half-price appetizers). I got silly off of three 10oz mugs and that is ridiculous. I guess tomorrow at Legend’s I’ll be drinking water so I can properly throw myself a going-away-from-Nordeast karaoke party. Don’t want to be ridiculous and singing bad. You know.

I’m going to miss Nordeast. But I’m going to love downtown, too.

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