I’ve toured around the world

Kristi and I went to see “Brokeback Mountain” after dinner at Pizza Luce on Friday night. I was expecting to be sobbing hysterically after every review I’ve heard from coworkers and friends, but Karyn tells me I have no soul since I didn’t cry at all. Good movie, no tears. Oh, well.

Saturday morning, Karyn and I went to our second bellydancing class. We reviewed steps from the previous week and also started working on stretching our “rib cages” for undulations! Margo gave us a preview of what real undulations look like when one is coordinated and good at bellydancing and darn will we be sexy someday! I’m still practicing those whenever I’m just standing around, taking a shower, getting dressed, etc. After class, Karyn and I visited several different stores to see what Minneapolis has to offer for coin/waist scarves and zills. We visited Egyptique Imports on Nicollet, which is where I may purchase my zills from. Karyn has found a few online sources for waist scarves but I’m not sure what I want for that, yet.

Anyway, it was a very worldly morning/afternoon. Middle-east, Egypt, the Tibet Store (where the woman of the shop showed us how to use singing bowls and prayer things), Global Village, and Cuba for lunch — Victor’s 1959 Cafe. Basically eggs with black beans and either yuka fruit or plantains for breakfast items, but it was pretty yummy. I also tried guanabana fruit juice — the waitress said it is kind of an “exotic pear.” I would have had mango juice except they were out.

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Last night, Kristi and I hung out at home. I finished a scarf I’ve been looking at since about September and we watched “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events” and “Saving Face.”

Today I went to Target in my pajamas, even though I’m usually very anti pajama-wearing in public. I was lazy this morning. Otherwise I’ve been sitting at home trying not to be bored. Just about 20 minutes ago I thought I might be having a crazy attack when suddenly I wanted to sell things. But I have quite a few books on my shelves and they are all collecting dust. I should sell some of them.

I’ve also been craving a real Cherry Coke, which is strange because I’m sure it’s been over 3 years since I’ve had dark soda (I drink Sprite and Fanta sometimes), let alone a real Cherry Coke. Why this craving? Weird.



Curious, what books are you looking to sell? I may be in the market! Drop me an email with the title and price. I’m in the market for some books! 🙂


I will scour my bookshelves again tonight and compile the list!

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