I promise that someday, when my body stops hating me, I will stop whining about things. Not today, though.

I’ve had the cold that everyone has been having for about a week now. Last night my ears started popping in some sort of effort to get my head decongested. It just gave me a headache. This morning the headache was pounding, but I took some ibuprofen and that seemed to do the trick. After taking a shower, my nose started running with some reddish liquid—not a lot, but enough to freak me out. So then I was feeling light-headed. I laid down and the headache came back. That’s when I became hysterical and called my mom and my sister. Karyn drove me to a clinic, where they checked me out, shrugged and gave me some more drugs.

In the last month I have purchased at least 7 different kinds of prescription drugs from pharmacies. That’s quite excessive, and it needs to stop. (But, hey, thank goodness for insurance!)

In other news, I’m quite excited to make my own version of Trivial Pursuit. (Same rules, different materials.) I visited The Source (beware: terrible website) in Roseville last night for materials. That place is funny: so many cool things and so many nerdy things. But maybe the cool things are nerdy, too…

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