I still have a problem with driving through yellow lights.

Today I became a Minnesotan, officially. My South Dakota driver’s license expired on my last birthday (November), and when transferring residency to Minnesota from another state, one must take the knowledge test again. Which is sort of what was holding me back… When I first got my driver’s license (or was it a learner’s permit? I was 14 years old) I failed three times, I think. Most of my classmates took driver’s education before getting their licenses, but I didn’t take driver’s ed. until before my senior year in high school. However, today I passed on my first try, so I must know more now than I knew when I was 14.

And that is a great relief.

Also, I purchased some very fantastic books for my class next week – and for inspiration in the future. (Half Price Books: I love you for giving me $30 books for $6.)

Layout Workbook: A Real-World Guide to Building Pages in Graphic Design

Touch This: Graphic Design that Feels Good

And for $2: The Cat Made Me Buy It

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