I mention “symbiosis” in this post.

Ok, I don’t actually have time to be updating but I need a little break. It is amazing how busy I am at work these days! It’s kind of awesome. It makes my really boring evenings at home seem much more necessary for my mental health.

Last night I brought my gals, Kristi and Ellie, to the MN Zoo’s IMAX theatre for Deep Sea 3D. A coworker gave me one of his admit four (for free!) passes for the special screening. Director Howard Hall and executive producer Michele Hall were both on hand, signing posters and answering questions. Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet may be one of the best Hollywood-produced acting duos (they both have such great voices). Mola molas are the weirdest fish ever, symbiosis is awesome, and I LOVE SEA TURTLES they are so cute. It was like Finding Nemo but real life. It was all 3D, of course, so the jellyfish and squid scenes totally freaked me out. The ocean is strange and exciting!

Of course I received my new pink RAZR and I’m all way too excited and I bet everyone is sick of me talking about it. However, I’m sending all of my photos to Flickr so you can see my excitement via excessive camera phone photo taking, too.

Alrighty, back to work for me!

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