I like the pink one!

I went to a Verizon store to get my new phone, planning to purchase a Motorola Razr. I stood around for a while, watching older people try to understand technology and decide which phone is right for them. As the crowd of people dispersed, the woman who was greeting people and distracting them from the fact that they would be spending too much time in a tiny, hot store, walked over to me. She asked if I needed assistance. I said, “No, I already know I’m going to get the Razr.”

“Well, you’re an easy customer.” She started to fidget, wanting to help me more and distract me. She complained to another coworker about feeling helpless. I asked about the battery life of the Razr so that I could distract her. We discussed that for a while. She asked how I knew I wanted the Razr. I mentioned having played with my sister’s Razr and that I don’t plan to switch phones for many years, so I need it to last.

“But what I really wanted,” I said, “was a pink one.” I smiled, knowing that Verizon only carried the pink Razrs for about 5 seconds during February.

She gasped and leaned in to me, whispering, “We just got an email from the warehouse down south this morning… There are a few left and we can order one for you.” My jaw dropped and she looked at me, obviously pleased to be so helpful that she was willing to tell secrets.

So, I have to wait for a 2-day Fed-Ex delivery of my NEW PINK RAZR but it is being delivered to me at work and I will have it by Friday and then I will take photos of all of my coworkers and send them to Flickr and it’s going to be great.

I almost settled for a grey Razr.

So, aside from the waiting, I AM THE LUCKIEST VERIZON CUSTOMER!

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