I can be an expert.

i know i still haven’t posted much about my wedding, but today its feeling really real. last friday i got my email at work changed and this week it is spiraling out of control. because i’m a web developer and i have all of these network dependencies around what i need to do my job. right now i’m in back-up limbo (currently waiting “About 2 hours” for that little ‘documents’ folder to finish copying) and all depressed because i can’t be productive. but then i remembered: i have a blog! i can blog right now!



i’ve been wanting to share some of the photos from mima summit, which is the first place where i was formally trotting out my new, married name.

Wearing a cute new dress, publicizing my relatively new name. Presenting in an hour!



(yeah, bertine and i accidentally wore the same sweater [different colors, of course] to the reception the night before.)

i feel like people mostly know me as “porkchop” (or @pork_chop) so to be worried about destroying my “personal brand” by changing my name is sort of silly… right? i just need to get used to it. it’s still a new and strange change to me.



but, anyway: this was the third conference this year that bertine and i attended together to talk about being front-end developers. for this one, we were talking to marketing folks about how they can make our job easier and fun things they should start talking to clients about.


we had an hour. we powered through our slides in less than half of that… but luckily, we had ended our slides with a series of real questions from other marketers, that led people in our audience to finally ask their own questions. so we just chatted for the remainder of the session, which is perfect!



it’s really the discussion part that we’re after.

many thanks to mima for having us — and for the photos from a pro photographer!

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