Finished Object: Raw Honey Mitts


Pattern: Raw Honey by Alicia Plummer
Made For: my sister, who requested fingerless mitts to wear in her office — except these turned out too thick for office-wear, so I guess I need to keep on knittin’.
Needle: US 6 & US 7
Yarn: discontinued variations of Zealana
Completed: November 6, 2014

So, like I said, these turned out to be too thick and warm for casual wear around an office. I have another pattern in mind that will hopefully work better.


I found this pattern a couple months ago, though, and I just really adored it. I wanted to try it! I also dug through my stash to find a yarn would work; I guess I just don’t buy many worsted-weight yarns to stash. I’m a DK-weight yarn fan.


The yarn I used here, though, is two skeins of Zealana merino blends that I won from the Minnesota yarn shop hop a couple years ago. They have both been discontinued now, but they were nice to work with. The green yarn is part possum! I thought that was pretty unique.


Very quick to knit, though I did get a little hung up around the pattern repeat and the thumb increases a couple of times. I think the green-bodied mitt might be just a couple rows longer than the purple-bodied mitt, but it’s not noticeable during wear. I’m calling this a very successful project!

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