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Here is my problem with living alone: I don’t mind being alone, especially now that I’ve got Ellipses in my home. This winter I’ve been such a hermit and it’s irritating me. Last night I caught myself thinking, “When did I stop being fun?” I felt especially un-fun after Rebecca sent me photos and told how awesome it was at Noise! (fashion show held on UMN campus this past Saturday). Of course, I have my reasons for not going (one of them being that tickets were sold out), but I still felt bad for being at home instead.

Aside from not minding the alone time, there are a couple other things holding me back:

Bills. I have been surviving okay every month for a while, but my income and my bills rely on each other. Of course, I have to buy food and junk, too. Money has been tight, which is why I’m hesitant to do anything that isn’t free. After reading this article, Karyn suggested I should keep a financial blog to keep myself in check. I just don’t think a blog will somehow make my money multiply.

Transportation. I am so sick of waiting for the bus. It’s cold outside. I can’t afford a car (payments, insurance, gas, etc.), either. So it’s the bus or my legs or making my friends pick me up. The last option gives me huge guilt trips because I don’t live near anyone. I owe a lot of people a lot of rides and gas money.

Someday I will be free from some of my financial obligations, but I guess, for the unforeseeable future, I’ll be at home.



Maybe if you started a financial blog and knew that I would hang around and heckle you for your spending, that would help;)

P.S. Speaking of spending, I totally still plan to 1) pick up that camera from your mom’s house and 2) send you a check. I just keep forgetting.


Karyn would be right there with you, making me feel guilty for my purchases… I already make myself feel guilty enough. 🙂

Also, I actually have the camera in Mpls. It’s sitting right behind me. I keep forgetting about it, too. I don’t know when I’ll be visiting Verm again!


Let’s just wait until we see eachother again and we can do the transaction then.

If neither of us is in a hurry, there’s no need to waste postage.

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