Healing and Hiding

Well, good morning!

Just so you know, I am not dead, nor am I dying. My graft on Tuesday went pretty smoothly, even if I did get a little emo in the middle (nerves and hormones and it is so much work holding your mouth open wide for an hour). Dr. Molletti said the damage was actually worse than it appeared, so it is good that I was getting it done. Also, as she stitched up my gums, she said it will be just beautiful when it is healed. How about that!

So, since Tuesday afternoon I have just been laying around my apartment, sort of hiding, but still sneaking out into the hall every so often for laundry and mail. I’m feeling pretty gross since right now I’m only really allowed to do salt-water rinses after soft meals. On Sunday I’ll at least be able to use special mouthwash, and maybe I’ll try to start brushing around the sides of my mouth.

I’m pretty lucky to have such an understanding and flexible workplace, though. Michelle told me that I shouldn’t worry about work for the week (but I’ve been checking emails and updating the website anyway). I got a lot of work done on Monday just because I didn’t know how I would be feeling after the graft. Also, bad breath, I’m sure.

I wish I could take some photos to show you the work, but I’m not really allowed to be pulling my lip down to look at it. I got to peek at it after everything was done and it looked pretty icky. The roof of my mouth is covered with perio pak, so I can’t see that damage yet, either.

Now I think I’m gonna go take some more drugs, eat some Malt-O-Meal and watch the Today show. Feel free to let me know what is going on out in the real world…

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