Brunching is a must-have.


Sunday started off right by brunch with some of my lady friends at Legend’s in Northeast—Mary, Johanna, Kristi and I discussed all important matters. I think everything has been taken of… until next brunch!

Then Kristi and I ventured to Wisconsin for alcohol on Sunday. I’ve never done that before and I wish it had become a tourist trip. Alas, Kristi was just kidding about buying curds before we left.

I put together my new coffee table from IKEA, which looks just smashing my living room. I do not miss my previous, wobbly coffee table. Also my apartment is one step closer to looking like an adult lives in it.

Then Ellipses let me nap for a while, that was nice.

Now somehow it’s almost 10 p.m. and although I feel refreshed and I think I’m ready to accomplish something at work tomorrow (since I’m thinking I’ll be missing a few days this week due to the mouth surgery on Tuesday afternoon)— why didn’t I get more done this weekend?

Actually, I’m very pleased that I got my interviews finished for my Design Research class. That task was weighing down my brain. I don’t think I’d like to do random, anonymous interviews for a career, but people are quite happy to be rewarded for their time…

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