Happy Holidays!

I celebrated an early Christmas in Vermillion, South Dakota with family and friends last weekend. It was very cold and the weather was fairly uncooperative, but at least allowed for some fantastic sun dogs.

I’ve been lazy for the last couple days. I’ve been enjoying the time with my silly kitties and I think I’m caught up on sleep again. Yesterday I started cleaning the house (finally) because today I got a new bed frame from Ikea (one of my Christmas presents) and spent a couple hours putting that together (then promptly took a nap).

Tomorrow I’m planning to see the Curious Case of Benjamin Button and perhaps get some of my web pages updated… but I know I have another long weekend in a few days, so I might delay that. 🙂 (Any excuse, right?)

It’s been a great holiday, and I hope you’ve been having an equally lovely time.

Cheers to the new year!

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