From Kitten to Cat

Warning: I’m about to blog about my cat.

I don’t remember why, but I was digging through my old photo galleries the other day and ran across this photo* of my little dude cat, Ellipses.

Kitten Ellipses

And I had just taken this photo…

Cat Ellipses

It’s astounding how much his coloring has darkened. He’s only about 3 ½ years old now. I can’t imagine he’ll get much darker, but maybe?

* Shortly after I adopted him, he got sick and his eyelid swelled—perhaps because of the environmental change? His little crossed eyes are why I fell in love with him, though. I had to put an ointment on his eyeball twice a day for a week or something, and towards the end he was licking my eyes (while I had them closed, trying to sleep), too. Clearly we’re weirdos for each other.

Now I need to figure out what to blog about Ampersand…

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