Food Helps

Updates, updates. I always get so far behind.

Last Friday night I joined Karyn and some classmates/new friends for a fancy dinner party. Super delicious food. Very lovely people.

Last Saturday was busy. In the morning, my cousin, Brock, and one of his neighbors hosted a “progressive” house-warming—meaning that we started in Brock’s apartment, moved to the neighbor’s condo, then we ended in a party room. Brock lives in the Midtown Exchange (7th floor with a southern view over Powderhorn Park), his neighbor lives in The Chicago (12th floor with an eastern view of downtown St. Paul), and the party room is on top (14th floor with a view of downtown Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul and Powderhorn Park). Photos are here.

Afterwards, Karyn and I ran around the southwestern suburbs looking for her and Bryan’s future home. Exhausting work! But then Karyn got us pizza from Frankie’s Pizza and we watched The Science of Sleep and it was all good.

Today I received the news that my application to the Interactive Design program was not accepted. Which makes me sad. And mad. But mostly sad. I’ve decided I’m just going to write a novel instead. I already have a title, it’s genius. Also, Rebecca and I are going to create a line of illustrated choose-your-own-adventure romance novels. We will be filthy rich, just wait for it.

Seriously, I’m going to continue to take classes and perhaps try again next year. Who knows what will happen in that time? Maybe I’ll find a different program to love. Maybe something interesting will happen at work. Maybe Karyn and Bryan will have a baby and they’ll need to hire me as a full-time nanny because they’ll be too busy playing video games.

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