I have been feeling judgmental lately, which makes me feel bad because I am being the holier-than-thou sort of judgmental. I am thinking things like “I would never do that” but, really, would I if I had the opportunity? And maybe I already have and decided it wasn’t for me or got over whatever behavior it was or something. I want to remember what I was like in the past. I want to remember the dumb/annoying/lame things I’ve done.

I know I was an idiot much of the time. I wonder if I’m still an idiot sometimes… Not as much, I hope, if at all. I think I’ve changed, though I’m definitely still growing up.

At least I’m not all “in my head” and instead I’m entirely out of my head and thinking about other people. But this isn’t a good way to think of other people. Mostly I just need new activities in my life. This summer I’m taking a yoga class and I’m looking forward to that. In the fall I’m considering a professional writing course.

Lately I am feeling complacent and I’m not sure how to shake that feeling.

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